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Default Rock bass infestation

Wolfeboro bay infested with rock bass. Been fishing here for 20 years. In short destroying the 'milfoil' in back bay has affected the ecology in Wolfeboro bay. Before the milfoil treatment in backbay - we'd caught largemouth, then white perch moved through, then smallies dominated last 12 years. Season after weed removal actually caught a 'lost' pickerel in wbay not far from goodhue! Well this season my son & I lost count at 35 rock bass on our first day! At dock, trolling & from shore... Evening trolling around shore would yield 3-5 2lbs one smallie per 6 rockbass...son pulled in a almost 2lb rockbass on a smallmouth spoon in 15' of water...
One rockbass last season now this year lost count on first day up...lakes have cycles but rock bass are not a natural cycle and are now unchecked in backbay & wbay...
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