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Originally Posted by tis View Post
I heard that this morning on Channel 9. At least NH only charges you the toll plus 1 dollar. Mass DOT wanted to charge me 53.50 (3.50 toll and 50.00 fine)! Glad it wasn't me!
Are we SURE it's just the $1 toll plus $1 fee for driving through the EZ-Pass lanes when you're not an EZ-Pass user? Anybody find that in writing on the state website? Two bucks is hardly enough to pay for the paper, envelope and postage!!

The reason I ask is my son accidentally went through the southbound Hooksett EZ-Pass lanes a couple years ago. Once through, he pulled over into the breakdown lane and tried to go back and hand $1 to a toll taker. He was informed they couldn't take it but he'd get a "bill" in the mail. What he eventually received was a $26 bill, $1 for the toll and $25 for a fine! So much for trying to do the right thing!

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