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Originally Posted by Newbiesaukee View Post
Only SunPass works in FL. Allegedly investigating linking with EZPass. There are many toll roads which only accept SunPass, no cash.

And I will be using those roads tomorrow for my annual trek to the Lake. Yay!!!

Interestingly, we're in FL every winter and have gone through tolls multiple times, specifically in St. Pete and Alligator Alley with our EZpass and it wasn't until this year that we realized that FL does not accept EZpass.

We've never got a ticket from Florida and we've been driving through these tolls for 4-5 years now. I finally checked our statement to confirm that there haven't been any FL charges. Suffice it to say, we pay cash now.

Still, I do wonder why we've never got the fine. Perhaps they don't bother with out of staters? They apparently do have the cameras at all tolls.

There should be a penalty for stupidity, we've just been lucky....
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