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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Wow, what a deal ....... for the relatively low price of $250 ..... over in Mechanic Falls, Maine ..... in craigslist ..... there is a Honda HS-50 snowblower for sale for just $250..... that is like a TroyBilt or a Craftsman price for a Honda ..... it says it has one mechanical glitch that needs fix'n.... but you got the whole summer to get on it ....... dang!
The Honda HS-50 snowblowers have disc drive instead of the an automatic transmission that the newer ones have. It could be that he is having problems with the disc drive that is either out of adjustment or the rubber on the drive wheel is worn. When this happens it won't go thru heavy snow or not move at all. Just take the bottom plate off off and look at the disc.
I had an HS-50 and that is the only thing that went wrong with it.
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