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Default ..... anchors away with Honda

Talking about Honda snowblowers, today-March 19-Tuesday, the Home Depot in Tilton has 'zactly one snowblower left for sale ....... a brand new Honda 9hp-28"-tracked snowblower with price reduced 25% from about $2450 to about 1950.

For the mega-millionaire who is very particular about removing the snow ..... just so!

I would buy it except it's about $2000 more than I want to pay, and I just got a 21" single stage Craftsman with a Honda motor in basically new condition for $150! ..... that only weighs about 65-lbs.

That Honda down in Tilton is brand new, is resting on a wood pallet, and looks like what the U.S. Navy would get if they had to remove all the snow from the top deck of a submarine ..... a Navy quality snowblower, except it is red and black, so would have to get re-painted in battleship gray ...... and get a snorkel installed for under water, snow blowing ........ and anchors away!
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