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I noticed the Town of Meredith has a $3300 Honda tracked snowblower because today I saw someone who appeared to be a town employee using it in the sidewalk area in front of the Community Center ...... oh well. My no-good, stink'n, rott'n, miserable TroyBilt 2410 from Gilford Lowe's; a six year old, 24" wide, price $550, reg $599, which has worked perfectly for the last six years done bit the dust with the heavy wet snow storm of about eight days ago.

So, I removed the black vinyl cover that's above the two belts, just to look, and it looks like one belt is all stretched out of correct length; the two rubber tire wheels for moving it still work, but the impeller doesn't throw the snow up and out of the vinyl shoot. Who knows, maybe there's something else that's broken too?

I just spent $24 for a new pull starter from the internet, from some place in Ohio, installed it with the three small screws, and it starts up real good ..... had been using the electric starter this year .... an easy fix.

I never-ever move the slider choke lever..... the choke has not been touched in six years and the engine runs real good.

So, for getting this belt problem fixed, I can take it to four different small engine repair businesses in Laconia, Lakeport, Northfield, and Tilton.

Laconia: Tri County Power Equipment ...

Lakeport: Lakeport Power Equipment

Tilton: Bob's Small Engine from craigslist ..... used snowblower selection from $150-300 .... phone 496-4437

Northfield: Lenny's Small Engine ....

It probably makes no difference where I take it ........ just that I take it someplace? Probably, a 24" TroyBilt is a model they work on a lot. Up until last week, it was the greatest snowblower ever made .... oh well! Nice thing about it, it only weighs 185-lbs, and goes good.

All things considered .....think I will go with Bob's for starters ...... from the photos, it looks like a sideline business, done in the garage or someplace .... but, I have totally no clue? .....

Nice thing about a snow shovel ......unlike a snowblower ........ a shovel never breaks down ..... and never needs two new v-belts after six years...... which are difficult to replace! ........
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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