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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Sort of like driving an Audi, Lexus, BMW, or Cadillac ..... doing the driveway with a $3300 Honda as opposed to the equal or better quality $699 Husqvarna .... makes an " I HAVE MONEY" type of a statement.

Well, here's some great news heard today on NHPR .....the Social Security monthly pay-outs will be paid out as usual ..... despite the gov shut-down ...... so's you all can still save up your Social Security to go buy a Honda snowblower ...... if you is really NARCISSISTIC .....and want that show-off red Honda ..... sneer-sneer-sneer!

A Husqvarna will bury a Honda!
FLL, your responses, though typically trivial and frivolous, are usual less cynical and judgmental. I find it particularly interesting a day before Christmas. I sincerely hope you are well and that your vitriol towards perceived "narcissistic" people is tongue-in-cheek or at least lighthearted.

Merry Christmas to all you snowblower users, including Honda, Husqvarna, and we bottom-of-the-barrel-Craftsman-owners-because-we-need-to-but-would-choose-Honda-in-a-heartbeat-if-we-financially-could-"privileged"-critics-be-damned!

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