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Probably, the Aubuchon in Meredith is not really serious about selling their one Husqvarna snowblower, and just has it there for out-front-of-the-store decoration, and it gives their store black cat a place to explore at night, while awaiting a wondering mouse.

Aubuchon has a Massachusett's type of a price of $1149.99 for the same 24" model that Rand's in Plymouth is selling for $699. ...... while that price may sell it down in Mass ..... up here in NH ..... is probably just a store sidewalk decoration.

By the way, with the federal government somewhat shut down or something, will the monthly social security pay-outs still be happening ...... this may cause a big sales slowdown for $3300 Honda snowblowers .... forcing people to stick with their old machine ...... or shoveling with a shovel .... buddy, can yo spare a dime ..... my $3300 snowblower needs gas?
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