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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Rand's Hardware in Plymouth has two Husqvarna 24" snow blowers, and the price has been lowered to $699 ..... down from $799 ...... Husqvarna is the SAAB of snowblowers, made in Sweden by retired Saab 30-year employees who are bored out of their mind and wanted to keep working .... so they keep busy with Husqvarna snowblowers and chain saws ....... making Swedish snow blowers from old, left-over Saab parts ......... it runs like a Saab! ...... yah-yah-yah! ...... is better than hanging around the house!

So, now they have something to do with all those left over SAAB parts ...... yah-yah-yah!
Thanks FLL but my retirement financial portfolio took a big hit the last couple of weeks so I won't be buying any new toys for myself. MAGA is only working for one family in this country.
BTW FLL, could you spare a down and out old man a dime?
It's never crowded along the extra mile.

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