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Default On the cheap

One of the best investments I ever made was ~$900 for a 33", 12HP NOMA snowblower with a Tecumseh engine. Purchased in 1986, it finally died last winter. It still ran fine but the frame had become so rusted and fragile it was ready to fall apart.

Our private driveway was about 700' with very steep hill portion. For 30+ years, that beast would clear the heaviest snow on our driveway, and often the neighbors too. Never needed any maintenance other than routine oil changes, fuel stabilizer, belts, etc.

At the time, NOMA was the OEM for Murray, Craftsman, and a few others. I saw essentially the same machine at Sears for $1200 a month after buying mine at Home Depot. HD sold Noma's for about 5 or six years. You can still find a few on eBay and parts are still available.
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