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You know there's a shade tree, backyard, small engine guy on Parade Rd/Rt 106 who leaves about 3-4 snowblowers/lawnmowers in his driveway, close to the road in Laconia selling for about $200.

Last time I stopped to look, there was a 28" Craftsman snowblower that looked like it was almost brand new for $250 ....... such a deal ...... unfortunately my six year old $549 Troy-bilt continues to run like the greatest snowblower ever made in the world history of snow and I couldn't justify the upgrade? C'est la vie.

Husqvana, or however it is spelled, is the biggest snowblower maker in the world, and is made in Sweden, and just by looking at it, you can tell it is built to better design/quality than all the others. Rand's Hardware in Plymouth has Husqvana 24" for $749 which seems like a steal of a deal. It must weigh 250-lb which is very heavy.

If Harley Davidson made snowblowers, it would be identical to Husqvana, except it would have to be black and sound like a Harley.
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