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Default It could be worse

Honda engines speak for themselves. They last forever and start first pull every time. Now I wont defend charging nearly $3K for a snowblower because I wouldn't pay for it either, but its the same argument with cars. I could pay $100K for a Tesla that gets me to work the same way a Honda Civic does for $25K. Its all a matter of preference. Not to mention, the civic would probably outlast the Tesla in the long run.

The real question is how long are you going to own, what is essentially an investment. If you are fickle, as most are, you'll own that snowblower 4-7 years and then get a new one. If you are planning on owning it 12 yrs plus, then it could be considered a good investment.

The truly amazing thing is that Honda makes an $8,000 snowblower, the HS1336i. I've seen this thing in person and it is almost the size of a small car and only blows snow. Again, they make it if you REALLY want to blow snow.
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