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Originally Posted by LIforrelaxin View Post
These threads always amuse me. The discussion of the capt. bonehead. While yes NH has some specific laws of their own creation that most states don't have. Don't fool yourself into believing that the issue is out of state boaters. There are many NH residents, and seasonal residents that do bonehead things as well.
I feel like much of your post was in response to my question regarding NH's unique laws. My intent was not to place blame on the out of state boaters and I may have slightly mis-worded my post.

My question was more due to the fact that I know captains who are NH residents and have taken a boat safety course (online) from another state in order to specifically avoid the requirement of sitting in the 8hr boat safety class offered by NH.

When I attended the NH boating safety course it had quite a bit of emphasis on the NH-specific boating laws. The courses from other states do not. So, in an effort to become legal to boat in NH, I wonder how many captains take the easy route only to make all the mistakes once on the water in NH.
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