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Think there are plenty of both ignorant and novice operators out there too. No "safety" class will ever replace experience behind the helm, understanding the basics of operation, navigation and overall awareness.

There are many who get their experience by doing what everyone else does and well that's assuming everyone else knows what they are doing. Far to often I've seen boaters who do the most insane things, but worst yet followed but a another doing the same thing, whether it be wising by somebody to close, ignoring markers or my favorite, pulling a skier, tube or wakeboard in areas that see lots of traffic and navigating at a safe distance is tight. There is also a concept missed where while it may be within the law to operate within certain boundaries, conditions and safety concerns - IE common sense - dictate otherwise.

Is what it is, the only hope any of us can have is that MP is out there giving some continuing "education" to those that need it when they are able to.

It is simply impossible to legislate common sense as that in and of itself is subject to interpretation!

My advice is to be alert, be defensive and try to enjoy yourself.
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