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Originally Posted by SteveA View Post
I've never been a "bike rider", but I have asked several folks that are why they seem to drive so close to the centerline. They tell me it was the effect of the "crown" of the road being the path that contained the least residual oil drippings.

Here is a the results of a Google of the question.

See the "correct" answer to question #20 at the bottom of the sample test. Is it a "taught" behavior?
If that is a taught behavior, then that is downright reckless IMO. I am a motorcycle rider as well. My belief is that there are three danger zones:
-the far right of the lane where there may be sand or other debris
-the far left of the lane where one is more likely to encounter an oncoming vehicle, or debris in the center of the road
-the very center of the lane where it is slick from oil drippings

That leaves 2 viable and safe places, and those are both the left and right wheel "lanes". That is where I ride. These guys that insist on riding the center line are asking for it IMO.
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