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Default Discover Utah...

Originally Posted by trfour View Post
After lunch in Utah before finishing the days trip.
Utah—Waterfront cottages, in an ancient time when ice covered the Winnipesaukee Basin.

Utah, where, y'know, you can photograph the kids...

Mountains, natural stone arches, desert terrain, fossils, petroglyphs, snow, dinosaurs, and fast rivers for rafting. Having toured most of the US, if I had only one state to visit again, it'd be Utah. Within one State Park, I managed to drive 85 miles on a dirt road, and never saw another human being.

On one deserted paved road, I pulled over at a random site to walk the dog. 'Getting about 100 feet from the road, the dog and I turned a corner, and came upon ancient petroglyphs carved and painted into a vertical rock face. The site had probably been rarely encountered since carved into that rock—except perhaps Anasazi, surveyors, anthropology students, a few roadway workers, and one (or two) dog-walkers.

Capital Reef National Park has only 20 spaces for campers—Reserve early!
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