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Originally Posted by Outdoorsman View Post
You do realize that when fishermen are trolling, they are doing less than 2 MPH right? They are generally on a specific course.

Failure to yield, to me, seems kind of silly to suggest. You would be the one closing in on them at a higher rate of speed and if they change course because "you have the right of way"..... It might take them a minute or two.

Expecting them to full stop so you can fly by with "right of way" while they have tackle in the water is not going to happen either.
“Yielding” has generally not been a problem while trolling...the other boats simply fly by at speed and some actually cross over our lead core lines that trail behind the boat near the surface but luckily, the lines have been below “prop level” so far. While trolling out through the Wiers channel Saturday morning some fisherman on shore cast across my lines and snagged one...he quickly reeled his line in and cut my line and probably got my streamer fly.
I “thanked” him in no uncertain terms but continued on trolling as it would not have been pretty if I reeled in my lines and went back to “retrieve” my tackle.
Sometimes it’s prudent to just keep moving on...

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