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Originally Posted by FlyingScot View Post
Hi Think,

The plaque in the video does a pretty good job on the history. You might write to LRCT to ask more. Better yet, send them 50 bucks or so to join--they are an excellent group, now protecting over 27,000 acres.

On the name, I've noticed that Google and others have misnamed my cove. Perhaps this is relatively common for very low population areas sites where they cannot count on crowd sourcing to fix mistakes in a ginormous database put together with lots of automation?
I read the plaque while on the island once (and again on the video), and I knew about "Girl Scout Island," but there's nothing mentioned about "Round."

A side note: one of the first people to bring me onto the lake shared with me that he used to dive underneath the side where people jump off and he would find old bottles. His theory was that the old Girl Scout leaders would toss them when done "enjoying themselves" after hours.

A second note: I almost ran into a rock on that side when I saw a woman sunbathing topless up there. Being safe, I wasn't able to get a good (enough) look.

Finally, anyone have photos or info about when it was Girl Scout Island?

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