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Originally Posted by Hillcountry View Post
No disrespect but trying to book any contractor for anything under 6 months to a year or longer in this building/construction market is wishful thinking, in my opinion.
My suggestion would be to get friends/family together for an insulation party and get it done. That said, I wish you luck!
I have had great luck so far in getting contractors on board for short turns on this project. For instance I am booking a metal roof tomorrow from a popular local company that claimed to be booked out until spring, but when asked they said that they could squeeze me in with a 2-3 week turnaround.

All of the masons in the area were booked out until spring and quoting ridiculous prices. I found one on facebook out of Milton, NH that had a gap in their schedule and started immediately at a reasonable price. They were a larger organization, not a one man shop. The fireplace came out amazing and was less than half what I was quoted by a local company.

Insulation jobs are pretty quick and its not a big project. Hoping to find someone that can squeeze it in, but I already have a backup plan in place. My contractors can certainly do it, but I think an actual insulation contractor can do it more efficiently and at a better price.
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