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Originally Posted by Bucky1818 View Post
I had the same problem Every 10 Min wifi would fail
ABB is a cable network provider, not a WiFi Provider.

If you decided to buy or rent their crap hardware thatís on you.
Most providers routers are crap.

I use my own modem and router on ABB as well as my own router with FIOS and it never has any issues.

I work from home as a software engineer with constant traffic and video conference and there are no issues.

You have an in house issue, not a ABB issue.

For the record I have a Net Gear Nighthawk CM1200 Modem. One that ABB listed.
And a RT-AC88U ASUS Router. ASUS Routers are great for many reasons.
I have to configure a few things manually or everything wonít work right.

For example I have to set Channel width to 20 MHz. If my Bryant thermostat sees 40Mhz (option) it wonít connect.

I always run 2.4 and 5.0Ghz on two separate SSID. Most routers combine them by default. This gives a lot of devices fits. 2.4 has more range but slower. So I put the right devices on the network they are most suited for. This solves lots of problems.

I also scan the local area for the quietest 2.4 channel and set the channel to that manually. Auto causes problems with some devices.
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