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Originally Posted by jimkberry View Post
Been using Starlink for a few weeks now. It requires a pretty good-sized area of Northern sky and might not be for everyone, but we've discontinued our ABB service and gone with it exclusively.

It IS technically in beta test, so every now and again there's a few seconds of "beta downtime" but even this past week - when 3 of the days included 4-hour Zoom conference sessions - it was fine. It'll only get better as more satellites become operational.

In fairness to ABB, their service for the past 5 years has been pretty good (hint: do not use their default DNS servers) but, well: rocket company vs. cable company.
I didn’t know it was available yet.
I just checked $100/mo seems a little pricey.

I pay $49/mo Fios. It never goes down, ever. 75mbs down and up. 6ms ping
I forget what we pay ABB a little more for a little less speed. Something like $60 for 50/50 I think.

I’m on Zoom all day which uses a fraction of the bandwidth. And watch 4K Netflix or Amazon Prime which requires 32mbs without a glitch.
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