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I've had Atlantic Broad Band for years and I've had a few incidents but not many.

One thing I did learn recently is the routers and modems do NOT like getting cold.

I was having issues as the cabin got close to freezing and it was because it was to cold. I put the router, modem, smartthings hub and base station in a foam cooler with an extra layer of rigid insulation. It has not dropped below 32F since and it's been great. There is probably 40 watts in the box The whole house is pulling 60 watts and that is most of it.

I also put a 15watt LED smartbulb in the box as backup heat that I can turn on remotely and monitor the temp with another smart device. I used 1 night (the night the lakes finally froze up).

I need to get up there quick once things warm up because I'm worried the components will fry if it hit's 70F in the cabin.
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