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Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
Found in any auto supply store. If not, brake lube will do.

Calipers tend to stick in place. The holders should be lubed as well. To lube effectively requires removal of the calipers, clean and lubricate the grooves that hold the calipers in place.

When you buy the high-end calipers such as Brembo and Power Stop have caliper lube in their kits.

I'm surprised a dealer charged for this service. German Motorsport, MB and Audi does not.
This all comes down to the manufacturer.

Toyota for example has two basic designs one that has a fixed caliper and pins the pads slide on with spreader springs or a floating caliper where the brakes are indexed in the frame the caliper bolts to. They have stainless steel clips that fit inside those slide points to prevent pinching, corrosion build up and pad chatter. The floating calipers do require periodic maintenance where the pins the caliper floats on get a little dab of grease. For the most part this should last the life of the caliper so long as the rubber seals do not get breeched.

Charging for this and going out of the way to do it is an odd thing to "upsell" and quite frankly sounds like a bogus charge. Especially on such a newer car. Now I don't know anything about Subaru - never worked on one, but I just find this hard to believe is necessary.
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