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Question What Indications Are Present?

Originally Posted by TheProfessor View Post
Routine oil change.

Was with a neighbor who owns a 2019 Subaru.

Went to local Subaru dealer with her. She agrees with the service people if they recommend anything.

She was charged $44.00 to lubricate the calipers. Never heard of lubricate calipers. Is this common ?
You're correct to be skeptical. Maybe if there's some indication of imprecise brake operation, but this is a fairly new car.

"Service Writers" earn their salary by selling willing customers questionable services or parts. The product is a grease, but application requires a lot of work (or should). Especially since it's not returnable, I'd "let it go" as one of life's lessons.

I was "sold" a premium oil filter at an oil change--not knowing they'd have to order it--and I'd have to wait for it.

An oil change that used to be $30 in Wolfeboro on the same car is now approaching $100!

The "brake grease" product does exist:

Agree with biggd, who'd written faster!
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