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Default An inside point of view…

I have just finally gotten a chance to get caught up with the forums, and it took me quite awhile to read what is being said about The Pound. I apologize for bringing back an older thread but I really wanted to share my experiences with all the forum readers. I thought it might be helpful if I offered up an inside point of view of The Weirs Beach Lobster Pound. As many of you know Love Bites Pastry Shop has the honor and privilege of supplying The Lobster Pound with their dessert line. We have had this honor from the moment they opened their new doors. From our very first meeting with Rich and Mike, up on the almost finished deck plating and serving them sample after sample of our desserts, while Carol was busy working with the new computer systems downstairs, we knew that we wanted to work with them. The reason for this is because they could truly appreciate the value of quality hard work, and that is because they were not strangers to it. We also knew they were going to get even more work done that day thanks to the sugar fuelled rush we just gave them, but that’s a story for another day. We were greeted immediately like we were old friends by the entire team and have been treated that way ever since.

Now as most of you know I purchased my pre-established business from a very well known couple, as such I can very much appreciate the difficulties involved with such an undertaking. Much like myself, Rich, Mike and the LP team have faced the challenge of working with a pre-established business with a pre-established reputation, new staff, new & used equipment but also in new construction. Anyone who has ever had new construction in their business or home can tell you that there are always, always kinks to be worked out over the following weeks and months of having the work done, regardless of how much money you have. Heck I am still working out little kinks in my shops new construction and we are approaching a year. I can assure you from first hand experience that all of the kinks and challenges that arose during the first few weeks kept the team at The Lobster Pound on the constant go. Mike, Rich, Carol and Michael take their jobs very seriously and truly want to make sure their patrons are happy. The hours alone that they put in can attest to their dedication to making this a complete success. I have been early in the morning to deliver goodies and found them there, already on the run, only to come back later in the evening to bring more stock to find them still there, and still on the go. To even suggest that they are doing anything less than working their tails off for the success of this business is just simply incorrect. Their hard work and dedication under extreme pressure and constant criticism is truly impressive. They were handed constant challenges and constantly rose to the challenge and dealt with it in an extremely professional matter.

I have personally been in and out of that kitchen many many times and I can tell you it is probably one of the cleanest, most organized commercial kitchens I have been in, and I can assure you I have been in a great deal of the kitchens around this lake and beyond. In fact after being in my kitchen next to the ovens all day, going into their beautiful walk in cooler is like a mini vacation for me! I had more than 7 months under my belt before the busy season started kicking in and it was quite a shock how busy it got so quickly, it took us a few weeks to get our bearing straight. I think the LP did a very good job all things considered. Did they run into some snafus, some minor and major kinks? Of course they did. Are they working almost 24-7 to find ways to improve their operations? Again, of course they are. If they weren’t then that would suggest that they sunk all of this time, effort, and funds into something then just sat back and laughed as it was run into the ground. When put like that, it sounds pretty silly doesn’t it?

One Saturday night my handsome husband, some very dear friends of ours and myself met at the Lobster Pound for some beverages and a nice late meal. Our service was outstanding and we were truly enjoying ourselves. My husband ordered the steamers and wouldn’t you know it their steamer went down before he got his order. My husband certainly did not expect someone to come dashing across the restaurant with a screwdriver to fix it (we just don’t take ourselves that seriously), he just ordered another drink and picked something else out, no biggie. Did it add a little time to our wait? You bet, but what’s the rush we were having a night out, not going through a drive through. Next thing we know Michael came out with a heaping plate of shrimp in this wonderful sauce on the house while they prepared our main course. Now I am sure you are thinking we got this treatment because we work together and if that’s the case then it must have been reunion night because I sat there and watched him do the same for just about every other table in our section who were also waiting for steamers. Kinks happen, and we all do our best to overcome them. I really hope that those reading these forums will go to the Lobster Pound in the mind set to sit back relax have a few beverages, a lovely meal, a few laughs, some fabulous dessert and enjoy the fruits of their labor, and if a kink arises I have no doubt that one of the LP team members will do everything they can to make it right.

Keep up the good work guys, you are doing an outstanding job!
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