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Default Congratulations

Congratulations, Mike, on your new venture. Our first experience at the pound didn't go all that well, but I'm glad to hear that you're using this forum to improve services and make the dining experience a pleasurable one. That's important in this day and age -- with money so tight, it seems to me that there's little room for error. The Weirs Beach Lobster Pound is an important cog in the "Weirs" arena. You're literally at the doorstep to the attractions, other restaurants, et cetera. It's important that the Lobster Pound succeeed and in turn flourish in its particular spot. We'll be back again later in the season and expect that our experience will be much improved from our first visit. And I'm glad to see you spoke out about the so-called "food poisoning" incident. It's important to hear both sides of a story. Good luck!
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