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Default Lobster Pound Legacy

OK, Mike, here is our confession. Our family is obsessed with seafood, and I am a shellfish freak. We last traded at the Lobster Pound more than fifteen years ago. Why have we not returned??? I became convinced that the old owners consistently misrepresented the food quantities, i.e. a pound of steamers served were certainly well short of a legitimate pound of steamers.

My family tried your new Lobster Pound last week for the first time. Congratulations on the substantial improvements in the facility itself. Impressive, indeed. The food was good and the service was quite pleasant. I ordered my favorite pound of steamers as an appetizer. I don't carry a food scale with me and can't say for sure that the serving was indeed equal to a pound portion. However, as a veteran steamer consumer, I have an inner sense of what constitutes a pound of steamers, and I am confident of its general accuracy. At the same time, I will state that while the steamers were properly steamed and served, your price for the appetizer was on the high side of what we would expect in the big-city restaurants of Boston and New York City. If the serving was more generous, we wouldn't have given the price a second thought.

I admire your posting on the website and your dedication to your restaurant. We look forward to our second opportunity to dine at your establishment, and wish you all the best.
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