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Default wow... held your tongue for a long time. Let me be the first to say, "Welcome to the party!" We all don't get along, but heck, we're hiding behind a computer have at, I always say. hahaahha
Anyway...nice digs you have over there. Quite a place, and what a location.
About the sick kids....the story is much more entertaining when you let eveyone think you poisoned their kids, so if it's all the same to you, let's leave it that way. OK?
Honestly, what you have spelled out, assuming it is all truthful, is a decent explanation...It must have been tough to read that knowing you had a side of the story. There usually are two sides to every one.
He really swore??!! I guess I can see that. No one want to see their family members in any type of peril. So the chocolate milk is fine? Great. I feel much better.
Now, about the ticket times....
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