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Default nice change

While it is certainly nice to hear something positive about the LP, I don't think anyone ever questioned the fact the place looked great, and the outdoor areas look like fantastic places to hang out. You sound like you fancy a cocktail from time to do I. (with me it's actually all the time). And there is no question that meeting friends and drinking here is a good idea.

But, it would seem to me, the complaints have been slanted more toward people paying very good money, and just not getting the service they need/deserve. Story after story of all entres not arriving together, and not in a timely manner. Casual dining does not have to take two hours, I don't think.
I've had dinner here once, and chose not to write about it (it had all been said). Comedy of errors.

Anyway, I do enjoy stopping in for a drink or 3, but no more meals for me.
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