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Thumbs up THE LOBSTER POUND - contrary to many posts on this site, I like the place!

I go to the Lobster Pound quite often as it fills a niche in the area: a great bar (downstairs and up on the deck), fun kareoke on Wednesday nights (which, in nice weather, is packed), pleasant wait staff and decent food. I know they have had issues in the kitchen with long waits for food but that being said I know they are working on it and, quite honestly, I don't go when I'm in a hurry. It's a fun and attractive place to meet after work or on a weekend everning to "hang out", meet friends and have a casual dinner. Many of the old Willows crowd have adopted the Lobster Pound so if you are a local, you may see familiar faces.
The Lobster Pound has never claimed to be a fine dining restaurant. It's a casual dining, obviously seafood oriented restaurant with great decor. I think it's getting a bad rap - go there on a sunny afternoon - sit upstairs on the deck under the umbrellas, watch the lake and order a margarieta or one of their many yummy drinks - then you'll feel like you are on vacation!
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