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Originally Posted by jetskier View Post
I believe that Staph is the most likely potential type of food poisoning that would occur in milk and cause the symptoms that you describe.


When milk sours it's lactic acid, a byproduct of the fermentation of lactose (the sugar) found in milk that causes the problem. Lactic acid can be undetectable if there's an additive to the milk that's sweet (i.e. chocolate or strawberry flavored milk) and therefore, the kids very well could have ingested the sour milk. I went through a similar experience at Chuck E. Cheese last year with my boys - similar outcome (no pun intended) as Nauset's children had.

Nauset - how are your children now? Have they had anymore vomiting? I hope they're feeling better.

I also hope you report your experience to the board of health... if the kitchen's refrigerators aren't keeping the safe temperature range for refrigerated foods it could be a disaster. Food easily ferments this time of year, especially, and I'd hate to think what might happen.
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