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Thumbs down Weirs Beach Lobster Pound Horror Show

I want to share our experience with the Weirs Beach Lobster Pound this past Thursday night. We arrived late at 8:45 so there was no wait for a table. That was the only bright spot of the evening. We were served bread and butter but needed to ask for silverware to butter it. The waitress was more interested in sitting down at a table and socializing with some people she knew. We had to get her attention several times to break her away from her friends table. My wife and I each ordered the shrimp scampi which was only average at best. My two children both ordered cheeseburgers, fries, and chocolate milk. I had one beer and my wife had water. The bill was over $80 with the tip.
This is where things got really interesting. As we were walking to the door my 11 year old daughter said she did not feel good. I said OK thinking she was tired. “No dad I really feel sick” in a panic now. We got about 20 feet out the door and she vomited up her whole dinner right in the parking lot. Then as we are approaching the car my 9 year old son says he feels sick too. My first thought is maybe seeing his sister throw-up made him a little queasy. No such luck. He too throws up everything right next to the car.
Two kids eating the same food get sick at almost the same time. I think I see a relationship here!
I went back in the restaurant and over to the table that the waitress is sitting at and discreetly asked if I could speak with her. Away from any other patrons I told her what had happened and was concerned that something they ate had made them sick and asked to speak to a manager. She then went over to one of the owners and relayed what I had told her. The owner came over to me and said that it could not have been caused by anything that the kids ate at the restaurant. He didn’t even ask what they ate to check the food to keep other people from possibly getting sick. He did not show even the slightest concern for my children’s wellbeing or that of the public. I just walked out, but as I passed the same waitress now sitting down with her friends, completely unconcerned as well, I said in a voice loud enough to be heard by several tables “You may want to clean up all the puke in the parking lot from your bad food making my kids sick”. I know getting angry does not help but I was very aggravated by their attitude.
My kids threw up so violently that we had to rinse down all the food that splattered on their legs and flip-flops. Fortunately we had some bottles of spring water and napkins in the car. We were out there for about 10 minutes cleaning them up and no one came out to see if we needed anything or offer any help.
Incidentally, after throwing everything up both kids felt fine and after a quick shower slept good and got up feeling fine the next morning so I don’t believe it was a virus or anything like that.
Needless to say, like a few others have said here, we will not be going back to the Lobster Pound.
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