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Default Sad to report. . .

I had dinner at the Lobster Pound Saturday night. We have waited a bit to give them time to work out the kinks I have read about here. Things started off good - we arrived at 8:05 and were told there would be a 20 min wait - it was exactly 20 minutes! It was down hill from there. We were seated right across from teh kitchen - which has no doors. I must say, it did prove interesting to watch the servers slip and slip dangerously all over the place while 3 to 4 men (who appeared to be either owners or managers) sat there and did basically nothing. Our waitress came over and appeared less than thrilled to be there. She took our order. I ordered the rib eye steak with a baked potato and was told they don't have "baked" they have "grilled" and I knew right away what that meant - they bake them all ahead of time and then cut them and half and grill them when it's time to be served. Oh well. My BF ordered the steak tips. I asked for dressing choices for my salad and, reluctantly, was told of several choices other than the "house" (and go the distrint impression it's an issue). Then the waiting began. Both steaks were ordered medium rare. . . after about 45 minutes (OH - and we ordered sodas when we got there and they were NEVER refilled) I finally had to ask if dinner was coming - she said she'd check with the manager. She came back and said our food was in like for plateing and it would be 3 to 4 minutes. All you steak eaters out there can feel my pain - obviously our steaks were done and sitting there - although "resting" it means they also continued to cook. The waitress then went on to tell us what a horrible night she was having, people were stiffing her b/c they were not happy, etc. My mom was a waitress and I do not hold kitchen issues against the server - but this one was less than friendly. ANYWAY, our food came. The steak was quite good. Not $25.00 good - but not horrible and cooked nicely. The steak tips were mixed. Some were well done and others were medium rare (as ordered). The potatoes were as expected - warm but hard near the skin. Presentation was zero. I think the worst part was watching those four gentlemen just sit there. The should have been walking around chatting with customers - or helping their poor staff who were running around crazy - or perhaps trying to do something about the floor they were all slipping on (we did see some dropped food as a result of this). Anyway - I have no plans to return any time soon.
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