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Originally Posted by Irish mist View Post
I'm sorry you had a bad time there....but God, give it a month or two. They just opened up on a limited basis. They seemed to do everything possile to address your concerns. I don't get the rage ?
and Michael C . . .

I know that these don't even compare, but if your investor was "new" and he/she invested your capital and lost a majority of it, you wouldn't be happy either. The poster was just wanting a nice relaxing dinner and they didn't get it.

Give those sharing a break. This backwards thinking is becoming the demise of this country. "lets give them some slack since they just opened". These are just excuses. Not holding a service oriented industry to some sort of standard is ridiculous. . . A good chef doesn't put out a plate that they're not proud of and if you're the owner and you're working the front end, there is no excuse. The manager made the right decision to comp, though I would have paid the bill. Poor and soft management is my guess. More people should plan their work and work their plan. p.s. I DO understand the in's and out's of running a successful restaurant. Hampton Beach (20 years ago).

Also, in a lower post I see that you stated that these people have a deep pockets aka in my business "skin in the game" and they'll make it work. Throwing money at it shouldn't be the strategy. You need a good chef, a stern but consistently,pleasant front end manager and good wait staff. They're lucking they're in a transient, seasonal town with repeat business if they can get it together. The kinks should have been worked out in the first week they were opened. It appeared that the construction crew was behind, and their opening was probably planned a few weeks before Memorial day . . . and I feel for them. No one should have a hard opening on a major holiday weekend, but you do what you need to do.

I hope they work it out, it's a fabulous location, the ambiance is nice and it's the perfect Friday night restaurant before taking in a drive in movie.

My sister and her husband and friends have been there twice this year and they weren't very impressed, they have one last shot but I think we'll wait to August and some time mid week to try them again.

All the best, really.
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