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After all these messages, I thought I'd jot down a couple of things. I will be giving the Lobster Pound a second chance -- although I'll really have to work on my wife going there again. Everyone deserves a second chance. It's very important in my opinion that the establishment succeed. It would be a great loss to the area if they aren't able to make it. It's in all our interests to see that they do well. I do hope, however, that the owners are reading these comments. Kinks do have to be worked out, however it doesn't take a lot of thought to recognize that there are significant problems when orders were being delivered to the wrong table, people were leaving in a huff, and for some of us who did hang in there for two hours no one from the wait staff even approached us for a significant period of time. Those aren't kinks, at least not in my experience. So here's hoping on our second visit things go a little bit more smoothly.
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