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Default the lobster pound

I will say it again ....give them a little time,,,they will work it all out ...these people earned their money the hard way...they worked for it ! and anyone smart enough to come up with that amount of cash and credit rating isn't stupid.
they see the problems and i bet 20 % are already gone...all done ..It may not even take the 6-8 weeks I first mentioned......might be mostly fixed in the first 3-4 weeks.
Now there is another situation : pricing with chic lobsters costing $7.00 a pound and 1 1/2 -2lb up around $8.00 -$8.25 cost ya just can't tell ...the lobster boats are still only being paid between $2.50 -$2.75 a pound so that huge mark up is dealers/wholesalers and diesal fuel...
There is not a glass of Chardonay on earth that i would pay $9.00 for ..
A really nice new zealand pinot grigio would be a different story

So they face a number of obstacles: I am sure that there has not been a minute go by that they were not thinking of ways to solve these "challenges" I don't have problems, I have challenges.. Some of them they can control,,,,and control they will with an iron fist..some things ,such as food cost ,ya just have to wiggle with it
6 months ago oil for the friolaters was $18.00 its $30.00
Mark my words...pockets this deep know how to survive...and they will ,,,and they will prosper...
" Wisdom does not always come with age...sometimes age comes by itself ! "
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