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Default my two cents...

Before stating my opinion on this subject, I want to say that I docked at the Weirs last week, and took a walk up just to check the place out. And I must say, I am looking forward to many a beer out on one of their two decks (looked like two levels, anyway). Certainly looks like it will be a great place to hang for a couple hours, and I'm sure it will be at capacity plus plus during motorcycle week. That being said...
I am closely connected to the restaurant business, and, in fact this restaurant recently opened a location in the lakes region. What they did to minimize the "kinks" (and this may be standard in the industry, I'm not sure) was this...they had two "mock" openings. All managers, owners, and certain employees were encouraged to invite up to 6 people at a ceratin time to come to a soft opening....the only thing different between the real opening and the soft opening was at the soft opening, noone got a bill...everything was comped. Free. Even booze. (which would violate state laws, so a tab was actually run for all drinks, the the head C.E.O. payed at the end of the night). The goal was to have a full house, with a full staff, on two separate occasions. It was explained to me, that, although it is very costly, the fact that you only get one shot at a first impression is the only thing that matters. So, when they opened to the public they were well prepared (and, of course brought some experienced help in from other locations). It would seem to me, that in a location where you have to make the bulk of your income in a three to four month span, your margin of error is tiny. Let's face it..the Lobster Trap's location will keep it busy all summer all by itself. But in less than peak times, they will need to have a reputation of a place that is worth the drive.
I feel for them, as a certain number of kinks in normal, but you really should be well prepared for an on slaught of customers at that location if you open in the summer time. And that, actually, was another point I just remembered about the other restarant I spoke of...they were certain to be open by late winter/very early spring, so when the crowds arrived, all employees knew their roll, and played it well.
I'm sure things will get better for The Lobster Pound, and look forward to going there myself...hopefully they will not disappoint too many people before things are running smoothly.
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