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Default New Lobster pound

While I understand your frustrations with how long it took and the food good/bad..
The only point I will make is that ,unless you own a restaurant [ not worked at one or have a brother who works at a restaurant ] you could not begin to believe how complex it is...
It is very important that we don't pass judgement on this place for at the VERY LEAST 2 months.
They opened with a limited menu ,which says " we want to be open but we are not quite ready ,but we will open in a limited capacity now and please give us a little time and we will work out all the kinks in our new place.
It is my guess that these new people probably have about 3.5mil invested here and they deserve a little break here .
Restaurants are a lot like a new car . If you buy a new car and when it went through assemly line ,EVEREYONE did their very best ,,their best work ever and the car went out of the building 99.9 percent perfect, your new car will still have 13 things wrong with it.. That is how many parts there are in todays cars and restaurants are quite similar ,believe me .
I will wait until july 4th and try them a week later then the kinks will be mostly worked out .
I went passed them last nite,Friday nite around 9:00 and there were at least 75 cars there. Again ,tonight at 9:45 at least 100 cars. Your right , they will make a lot on the booze and because of the location ...these people have deep pockets and there is no way that they will acceppt anything less than 100 % from their employees ,,lets give them some time ,K?
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