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Originally Posted by Top-Water View Post
Would you know how long it takes for Marine Patrol to have the sunken ice marked off. : What color buoys do they use for sunken ice.
There was heated debate over this at the MP HQ.

DPW thought it appropriate to float some "frost heave" signs over them.

MP wanted to attach 2 foot long reflective hot pink noodles to them. Secretly it's believed the reason why is a trip to the hardware store is rewarded with free super duper coffee which does not compare to the stuff they have at the MP HQ and they are always looking to bling out their patrol boats with random trinkets from the discount bargain bin at the front of the store.

Who will win this epic battle? Guess we will wait and find out!

Unnamed, but well known sources from within Emerson Aviation familiar with this have assured the public that they will provide photos from the air of marked areas of sunken ice.

Bizer will be also updating their 2019 navigational charts with the newly created "seasonal" markings complete with GPS coordinates. Laminated charts will not be available till June.

First printed, Associated Press, April 22, 1922.
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