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Default Loony tunes!

Along with many other duties I maintain the loon sanctuary in Braun Bay. Lot's of fun! But some days are worse than others.

The loon pair nested later than usual this year and every morning I am out at the crack of dawn to check on "my" birds. Finally last week the nest was empty except for one egg. A sign that there was a hatching.

I scouted around and found the pair with a tinny tiny chick between them. As I glassed them with my binoculars something swooped down past me. I could not believe what I saw in my glasses. What I make out as a goshawk dove down between the adults, grabbed the chick and flew up into a tree on Glines island and munched it down! Yikes!

Man, I was low.

Now the good news. The next morning the loons were back on the nest and the following day the second egg hatched! We now have a growing chick on the bay.

So please, while you are enjoying Braun Bay keep an eye out for our little family and keep your distance.

Misty Blue
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