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Originally Posted by NoBozo View Post
I wonder what percentage of the Take.. the E-ZPass Company gets in return for running the show. NB
So, it turns out that there is no "E-ZPass Company." Each state or toll agency administers their own program with their own employees. Toll revenue paid in New Hampshire stays in New Hampshire and belongs to the state. There is an "E-ZPass Group" that exists to coordinate issues between states and deals with matters such as interoperability. The E-ZPass Group has a whopping four staff people, and according to their website one of those positions is currently vacant.

It would be nice if BroadHopper could provide a link to the WSJ article that he mentioned in an earlier post that "investigates the enormous salaries of the company's directers [sic] and managers." Perhaps what the article was referring to was the Port Authority of NY and NJ or some other quasi-governmental body that has nothing to do with New Hampshire.
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