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Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
Do you have the revenues before 2005? By doing some math based on the discount differences between the coins and ez-pass you can make reasonable estimate of the gain or loss in revenues.

If one can find the ratio between ez-pass and non ez-pass as well as coin and non-coin commuters, I can give you an accurate number.
2000 - $60,166,815
2001 - $61,536,675
2002 - $64,371,208
2003 - $64,367,301
2004 - $65,780,607

I was thinking of your post from last week when you said that "we have the same number of token takers, collecting less money as many people are taking the back roads..." Did you mean that the human toll collectors are collecting less money, or that the system as a whole is collecting less money?
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