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About two years ago, Dollar General built a new store in Campton next to the Northway Bank on a very steep, river bank, sloping lot that needed a lot of site work to make it happen on such a sloping lot ..... and it happened.

Ashland and Campton both have relatively new Dollar Generals which do not seem to do too much business? Like, why in the whole wide world would anyone want to go to a Dollar General when you can go to a Walmart?

The Plymouth Walmart has some very nice large oranges, as in oranges, grapefruit, lemons for just 50-cents/orange ...... a steal of a deal .... high quality oranges!

Tamworth, Center Ossipee, Moultonborough, and Alton all have Dollar Generals ..... isn't Pier 19 considered to be in Melvin Village in Tuftonboro .... and probably it would be a 365-day, year 'round store ..... Dollar General wouldn't have a seasonal type of a store would have to be open all-the-time ...... a 7-day, 52-week type of a store .... a real business.

See you at the Melvin Village, Dollar General!

Hopefully, it will get painted Melvin Village white ...... so's it will blend, good. ...... $899,000 .... excellent pictures! ..... 1408-days on the market is a lot of days!

Will it have quality tuna fish in cans for $1.39 and excellent, hot, strong coffee for like 99-cents ..... another reason to visit Melvin Village!

Will it rent out stand up paddle boards?
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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