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Originally Posted by ITD View Post
Charlie, I had several bad experiences with the Burnham castings cracking (happened twice on my boiler) so I pulled it and installed a Buderus.
I was considering a Burnham 3 pass boiler until I tried to get some info on the direct vent feature directly from Burnham . I could find nothing on the website so I filled out a detailed online form with my name, address and contact info asking for what I needed. I got a snippy email back from the "customer service dept" telling me they don't talk to homeowners and certainly would not provide me with any info on their products. I was then informed that if I wanted that info I should go thru their website to find out who the " local distributor" was in my area and that they might be able to help me. If I wanted the run around I would not have gone directly to the source. If this is how they treat potential customers I can just imagine how little regard they would have for me once my money was in their hands. Burnham fell right off the list of boiler choices for me
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