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Charlie, I had several bad experiences with the Burnham castings cracking (happened twice on my boiler) so I pulled it and installed a Buderus. Too lazy to go downstairs and see which model, but I believe it is the 215. I opted for the Logamatic 2107 control which was an additional $1,200 I believe but would not do that again. I have forced hot water baseboard, the 2107 is designed for European systems which have dial type thermostats on the radiators which control each room, not the systems typically found here.

My baseboards need hot water to convect properly, the basis of the 2107 is that it provides cooler water when the temperature is warmer outside which works well for European style radiators but not too well for baseboard. My issue is on mainly spring/late winter days where it is cold at night but warms up quickly in the morning. The house is cold, but the control sees it's warmer outside so it send cooler water to the baseboard which doesn't really heat the house that well. It's a small issue, but I think a basic cold start control would work better for baseboard, or a control that is designed specifically for baseboard if you want to vary the temps. That said, we used to burn somewhere in the area of 1,000+ gallons of oil a winter season, the new boiler burned about 600 gallons last year so it did save us money. If you have radiant floor heat then the 2107 control is probably ideal for that. I use Foley oil and I know they do installs, but not sure what boilers they use. I've been thinking about changing out my Winnipesaukee boiler, but it is pretty efficient and still in good shape. Good luck.
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