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..... there's always your local free public library with treated town water that is probably safer to drink than your home's drilled deep well which can have arsenic, radon, small rock particles , and bad taste.... never mind from the lake itself.

My Lake Winni water is always clean looking and good for a gray water system????????????????

Blue lug-a-jugs: a name for all the local islanders, water-fronters, and everyone else who basically considers their tap water as a "gray water source" and brings home what is safe to use for coffee and cooking, treated town water in a blue lug-a-jug.

Here in New Hampshire, the blue lug-a-jug group of people is probably a large, maybe 25% of the state??? Welcome to tax free New Hampshire; your lug-a-jug state!

.... three cheers to the treated Meredith town water ....... is excellent quality! Meredith has good town water ..... I just wish it was available to me .... the last hydrant is at corner of Pleasant St and Barnard Ridge Rd, about five miles away so's it will not be getting here anytime soon ..... like, probably never.

Oh well ..... a blue 3-gal lug-a-jug costs about 10-dollars and lasts for years and years ..... and the library is free.
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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