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Originally Posted by Sue Doe-Nym View Post
What has been erected at Playground Drive at a cost of $125k +/- , lovingly paid by our taxpayers, are basically expensive chemical toilets. Many of us thought this expenditure to be frivolous and unnecessary, but there it is, and itís not as excessive as some of what the powers that be have in the works for us. ��
P.S. Many, not all, local residents like to stick it to waterfront and non-resident taxpayers, as evidenced by town meetings year after year, wailing for a new gym, community center, etc. Last yearís graduating class had 24 seniors! Most of us do not see the need for a 6.5 million dollar expenditure. See, ITD, we are trying to save your hard-earned money!
Fortunately the whiners seem to be in the minority, for now. Chemical toilets are nasty.
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