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Originally Posted by boat_guy64 View Post
I've had 2 ezpasses for about 10 years and I recently added a third when we added a third car. I'll admit that I never check my statement but I did notice quite a few of those $30 charges on my credit card. Since my wife lives at the lake in the summer and it is just me commuting on the weekends, it takes quite a while to accumulate $30 in charges. So, I finally checked my statement and realized that my third car was going down 93, over to 95 up onto the Maine turnpike about 3 times per week.

It seems that ezpass marked down the wrong id number when they sent me my pass. I was being charged for their charges and they for mine. After a few phone calls, they determined the mistake, gave me a $140 credit and I presume charged the other person.

So, check your statements.

BTW, getting back to the original question, I trailer my snowmobiles through tolls quite often and have never had an issue.

That is exactly why I have never had and expect to never have EZpass. We don't travel through the tolls every day and the times we do, I would rather pay as we go and not have to fight incorrect charges. I bet most people don't bother to check them and I bet a lot of people are being charged incorrectly.
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