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Originally Posted by secondcurve View Post
How have you survived without E-Z Pass for so long. I have been an account holder since 1999!
Well, I still change my own oil, clean my own house, brew my own coffee, mow my own lawn, so old fashion is fine for me sometimes.

Actually, we googled a few years back "ezpass with trailer" and it seemed like there always were issues with trailers. For example, today we called EZPass PA and they mentioned that out of state trailer plates is not an issue. That differs with what has been posted in this thread. So it still doesn't seem so cut and dry and sometimes it just isn't worth it. They also mentioned that the toll charge with trailer is calculated by weight and not by axles. So for two trips to NH a year, it isn't really that big of a deal but may be time to change my stripes.
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