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Originally Posted by garysanfran View Post
You're on my land without my permission? He didn't "easily retrieve it" he docked his boat at my dock and came on my land, and that is not acceptable. Do you dive into the water to retrieve a lure you've caught on a submerged tree? And if a swim near there have you put me in danger?

Get real! Don't cast your stuff onto my shore! And you won't have to trespass to recover it.

When I see a stranger on my land, my first concern is for the safety of those with me.

Stay off my land or wreak my rath!!!
Easily retrieved it is obviously open to interpretation. I would appreciate somebody removing a lure/hook from our dock, boat, or shore and they are welcome to use the empty side of the dock to do it. Common sense would also tell me that I am likely not in any immediate danger from that "trespasser" and I can probably keep my rath leashed for that one. Would you not allow somebody to use your dock to get out of a sudden and severe thunderstorm? We do and have.

I'm sure that fisherman thought he was doing the polite thing by getting it off your property and not leaving it to become a hazard for animals/people.

It's people with your attitude that has made the lake a less friendlier place, but I agree that greater care should be taken when fishing around docks and others property as to avoid such a situation.

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